43cc Gas Scooter

A 43cc gas scooter can give you a convenient, easy means of getting to those close destinations. Just jump on your scooter and go--and you won't even have to pedal! Gas scooters allow you to get around easily. You'll save gas which saves you money, your 43cc gas scooter has a smaller engine and will not use as much gas as a larger scooter. Not to mention the fact that your scooter will be easy to store, some people even put theirs inside.

If you're looking to make longer trips, you can still use your 43cc gas scooter for for help. They can have a range of up to thirty miles with a single tank of gas, so you can go on a longer trip with your scooter. It will take you longer to get there of course, because you can't go as fast as a car or motorcycle but you'll have fun getting there!

Of course, if your scooter is going to be for to shorter trips, you could also want to consider an electric scooter. Electric scooters are easily recharged and don't require any gasoline or other type of fuel. You can still travel a decent distance on them, but you will probably be limited to 10 miles. An electric motor has less maintenance issues than a gas motor, but the other parts will still wear out like in a gas scooter. The cost of the batteries will be your biggest expense.

Whatever kind of scooter you're looking for, you can spend time online doing your research before you go into buy. You can check online reviews of your scooter, look at forums for maintenance issues, and check availability in your area. Not to mention you don't have to be pressured by pushy salesmen, or have them try to sell you the scooter they're overstocked with. Make sure your local gas scooter laws allow you to drive your scooter on the roads. Some have restrictions on scooters under 50cc so make sure your 43cc scooter is legal in your area.

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