Gas Scooter Story.

I have taken this saws to chain from this friend that I will use on this small engine of the gas scooter. It marks is called small engine and can be made in the United States. Judging dall' examination of the other motors, the motor seems to be around the mark 45-50cc, rather than the couldn' the t it discovers for sure anchor. The reason that is l' Info on that model on the net (older saws to chain) and sull' I cannot convince the frames outside in order to approach the piston. obtained you felt to speak these motors? What I see on the Web site of the small engine from seem to be this creator superior in quality that it supplies to the  and the professionals etc dell' tree. The don' the t he has obtained this image rather than, rather than I can obtain soon. The BTW, the obtained thing the heaps of torsion brace, relative sure torchs your hand when it can be can be applied, also to the rpms really low. They are new to these tribunes and newish rather than rather than, but to I' the m. sure not new to roba motorized and obtained previously constructed these bici of the snipper of the able till 45-50kmh according to quality of the frightful road with the small wheels rusted, an axis has once broken off at this moment MUCH frightful one, if I used to I obtain broken off 10 more successively second wouldn' the t be this is writing. That's my gas scooter Story

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